JBI Studios Announces Strategic AI Acquisition and Partnerships, Launches ‘AI Suite’ to Deliver Next-Generation Enterprise AI for the Financial Services Sector

JBI Studios acquires AI platform Cody AI to accelerate AI capabilities for Enterprises and SMBs with new ‘AI Suite’


LOS ANGELES, CA – May 8, 2024 – Just Build It (JBI), a visionary company focused on designing, building and renovating companies to be best in class, today announces the strategic acquisition of advanced AI platform Cody AI into JBI’s marketing and sales product division, JBI Studios, forming new product offering ‘AI Suite’. The acquisition and formation of ‘AI Suite’ establishes JBI as a trailblazer in sophisticated data warehousing and enterprise AI for financial services.

In addition, JBI also unveiled complementary partnerships with global marketing and communication agencies Cognito and Metia for distribution. This series of strategic moves marks JBI’s first public announcement since its inception, signaling a major move to bring AI technology into the deep vertical of the financial sector.

JBI’s acquisition of Cody AI into JBI Studios positions them at the forefront of markets eager for innovation, with the adoption and integration of AI leading crucial conversations worldwide. Cody AI’s platform will leverage JBI’s decades of data warehousing and data modeling expertise. JBI’s founders are well known for the creation of fintech giant InvestCloud, a cloud-based data warehousing platform with over $6 trillion of assets.

John Wise, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of JBI, stated: “A decade ago, the cloud was everything. Today, AI is everything. The creation of our AI Suite focuses on bringing together three fundamentals.”

“The first fundamental is the Enterprise,” Wise continued. “Information is power, and therefore it is obvious why corporations don’t want to directly or indirectly share information, competitive advantages and intellectual property. There is an old Silicon Valley saying – if a software product is free, you are the product. Many corporations are unaware that they are sharing their information when using many current AI tools. The key is to leverage AI models – while retaining total control of proprietary data – and create a branded AI solution. JBI Studios AI Suite can ensure that all information remains within the enterprise while allowing leverage of AI that is unique to their knowledge base, and uniquely branded to their organization.”

Cody AI’s platform already has a global reach with enterprise deployments across multiple Large Language Models (LLMs) in large corporations and other entities. Similarly, JBI’s team has worked with the world’s largest organizations to ensure optimal leverage of their data. The AI Suite products enable large organizations to leverage AI effectively, merging public, private and client-specific data, while strictly adhering to data privacy and security obligations.

“The second fundamental is Data Warehousing,” continued John Wise, “Which has massively evolved over time. Another old saying in computing from the 1970’s was ‘Rubbish in, rubbish out.’ Training AI models is not hard; however, modeling the data to achieve great results with AI is very difficult. Unfortunately, many large firms are experiencing the ‘Rubbish in, rubbish out’ effect. The key is in accurately modeling and storing the training data. JBI’s team, through decades of handling data, are experts at modeling data. Excellent data warehousing also means that AI-generated insights can be directly associated with the source data, and firms can take comfort in knowing where the information is coming from.”

The JBI team understands and has successfully modeled the vast majority of many industry sectors and solved for complexities related to timeliness, scale, privacy, security and entitlements for many large global institutions. Considering recent advancements and expanded use cases for AI, the JBI team’s expertise in Data Warehousing and Data Modeling has never been more relevant and differentiating. 

“The third fundamental is the Custom Application,” concluded Wise. “JBI believes that every enterprise should have the ability to create custom apps around their data, leading to meaningful use of AI for their organization. How employees engage with AI is key to achieving true efficiency with AI and developing a competitive edge for an organization. Our AI Suite is focused on designing new applications that can be simply embedded into existing applications to create a seamless, low-friction and branded experience. This means enterprises can have custom apps to create copilot functions, such as cross-checking research to ensure authors are aware of any contradictions, or ensuring documents are on policy.”

Custom applications will be available to clients through AI Suite toolkits. With JBI Studios AI Suite, Enterprises and SMBs alike can design and build unique solutions that allow them to leverage AI for insights and growth, while retaining full control of their data.

Oriol Zertuche, Founder and CEO of Cody AI, added: “Cody AI already has a proven track record in enabling enterprises and large institutions to utilize AI across millions of documents with a high level of precision, and JBI’s expertise in assembling training data will accelerate those opportunities. The synergy between our sophisticated algorithms and JBI’s deep data warehousing expertise marks a pivotal moment for firms looking to leverage branded, effective AI in their organizations. This is truly a symbiotic relationship born through data.”

In addition to the acquisition of Cody AI, JBI’s strategic partnership with agencies Cognito and Metia will support JBI Studios in conducting in-depth Data Studies and AI Studies, equipping clients with a structured approach to creating and executing their AI strategy.

Mark Trousdale, Co-Founder and Partner, JBI Studios, stated: “We collaborated with Metia and Cognito in assessing Cody AI’s potential and are excited to now work alongside both teams to design and deliver structured, secure and superior AI strategies. The first step to any successful AI strategy is understanding the data, and our Data Studies allow firms to get a complete handle on their data and design an effective approach to building their knowledge base. Our AI Studies allow clients to design an effective AI strategy, leveraging advanced engines alongside their own brand. The AI Suite, combining warehousing and AI engines, enables enterprises to implement the strategies.”

JBI Studios’ adoption of Cody AI catapults the JBI Studios AI Suite’s capabilities to be best in class. The AI Suite will be implemented across JBI’s entire technology stack, including Marketing, Comms and Sales solutions in JBI Studios, as well as throughout the JBI Tech platform.

JBI is committed to using AI technology in marketing, comms and sales, and in the development of apps for the financial markets. For more information, visit www.justbuildit.com.

**About Just Build It (JBI)**

Just Build It (JBI) is dedicated to designing, building and renovating companies to be best in class. The JBI team boasts over three decades of expertise, having designed hundreds of digital and data solutions for many of the largest firms in financial services, and are the original founders of fintech giant InvestCloud. JBI is underpinned by two product divisions, JBI Studios and JBI Tech, poised to design and redefine the financial landscape through designed, data-centric and low-code technology solutions. JBI Studios specializes in next-generation marketing, comms, sales and AI products, while JBI Tech specializes in data warehousing and custom technology solutions.

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