Custom Software Builds

Leverage decades of expertise, proven structures and advanced data-centric solutions to customize and personalize your technology.


Ask the right questions; Solve the right problems with the right approach.


Implement the designs and enable the right capabilities for scale.


Operate and optimize on an AI-enabled platform with continuous innovation.

Mass customization and personalization, built on next generation technology

Approach and architecture are at the core of everything we do at JBI. As a fourth generation financial technology company, we have built our technology stack from the ground up to be best-in-class.

Your Customization Toolkit: Component Tech

Component Tech is an approach to mass customization through leveraging individual and mature hyper-modular components providing benefits of:

Customization and Personalization
Allow for the creation of highly customizable systems or products. By assembling components in different configurations, designers can cater to diverse customer needs without undergoing extensive redesign and can leverage mature components.

Accelerated Development & Time-to-Market
A modular design facilitates parallel development of different components by separate teams.

Flexibility & Adaptability
Hyper-modularization allows for the creation of components that can be easily interchanged or replaced. This flexibility enables designers to adapt and modify a solution without the need for extensive redesign, facilitating quicker responses to changing requirements or advancements in technology.

Ease of Maintenance and Repair
With hyper-modularization, the ease of maintenance reduces costs associated with fixing or upgrading specific elements, contributing to increased reliability and longevity.

Modular design allows for the easy replication and scaling of components, promoting efficient growth or modification.

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Be better by design,
Be better by data.

The financial industry has undergone transformative changes, especially with AI’s evolving capabilities. JBI has applied decades of expertise in data warehousing and modeling, combined with a design-first approach, to create best-in-class software solutions in the new era of data. 

Understand where you are, design where you will go.

Get in touch with the JBI team to learn how you can leverage proven product, decades of expertise and advanced data-centric solutions to drive revenues for your firm – no matter the size.

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